Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024 in UK | Fully-funded

Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2024 in UK | Fully-funded

Applications for the 2024 Gates Cambridge Scholarship are now being accepted. supported at the University of Cambridge by The Gates Foundation. For international students pursuing master’s and doctoral degrees, the Bill and Melinda Gates Scholarship is available. The Bill Gates Scholarship is a fully financed opportunity for international students, with the exception of UK citizens. US citizens and those from other countries have different application processes and deadlines.

In October 2000, the University of Cambridge received a US$210 million grant from the Gates Foundation, creating the Gates Cambridge Trust. This continues to be the biggest gift ever made to a university in the UK. More than 80 scholarships under the Gates Cambridge Scholarship are given out each year by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Scholarships from the USA are worth 25 dollars, whereas scholarships from other countries are worth 55 dollars.

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The Procedure for Applying to the Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Watch the brief video below from the university to learn more about applying for postgraduate financing and admission, and then continue reading to learn about the requirements for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

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How to Apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship?

Through the University’s Graduate Application Portal, candidates submit their applications for admission and funding (Gates Cambridge and other funds).

You must fill out the sections pertaining to applying for admission to a course, a college spot, and the Gates Cambridge portion of the funding form in order to be eligible for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. When examining applications, Gates Cambridge has access to the complete application for financing and admission.

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Application Deadline

The deadline to apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship is November 11, 2023, for USA citizens, and December 5, to 4 January 2024 for international students. Applications for both international and US students will be accepted starting on September 4, 2023.

The Application Funding Section

You can apply for a variety of scholarships in this part, including the Gates Cambridge Scholarships, which have their own subsection. These scholarships are provided by the University and affiliated organizations. The following documents must be submitted with your application for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship:

Gates Cambridge Statement.

On the application form applicants (i.e. you) are to:

Please explain your motivation for applying for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship and how you fit the four primary requirements in no more than 3000 characters or roughly 500 words. Complete application instructions, together with selection standards and advice on filling out this statement, are available at

Gates Cambridge uses this remark to assist in differentiating among candidates who have been suggested by academic departments. It assists us in identifying applicants who are not only very bright academically but also have a strong sense of leadership and a desire to better the lives of others. The application form is the only section where candidates are questioned directly about how well they fit into the Gates Cambridge programme. To demonstrate how you particularly meet the program’s requirements, use your past, accomplishments, experiences, and future goals.

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PhD applicants only: Research proposal

Only a research proposal must be submitted as part of the grant application to Gates Cambridge by Ph.D. applicants. A research proposal is mandatory to apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, even though the majority of PhD applicants upload one as part of their application for admission. A research proposal is not required to be included with your Gates Cambridge Scholarship application materials if you are applying for a degree other than a PhD.

Gates Cambridge Reference

Gates Cambridge applicants must arrange for a reference to be submitted explaining how they fit the scholarship’s criteria in addition to two academic references for admission. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship Benefits

All educational expenses at Cambridge are fully funded by a Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Moreover, it offers extra, flexible funding.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship Core components

  • The appropriate amount of the University Composition Fee*
  • a maintenance payment for one student (£20,000 for a 12-month period at the rate of 2023-24; pro rata for courses lasting less than a year) – the award is valid for up to four years for PhD researchers.
  • At the start and finish of the course, one economy single ticket is required.
  • The Immigration Health Surcharge and Inbound Visa Costs

*The University Composition Fee varies depending on the type of student; prospective students should review the Graduate Studies prospectus for complete information regarding exact charges. If a student is successful in receiving a fee award from a public body (like the UKRI), they should take this award; the Trust may choose to split the cost of their tuition and maintenance.

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Gates Cambridge Scholarship Discretionary components

Discretionary proposals for other forms of supplementary funding are also taken into consideration by the Trust.

  • Academic development funding is available for conferences and courses at a maximum of £2,000, depending on the length of the course.
  • Dependent Children Allowance (2023–24 rate): maximum of £11,604 for one child and maximum of £16,548 for two or more. A partner receives no funding.
  • Fieldwork: If you are conducting fieldwork for your PhD, you may be eligible to maintain your regular maintenance allowance during that time. Other fieldwork expenses should be covered by the University Composition Fee, not by the Trust.
  • If you need it, you can apply for Maternity / Paternity funding, which allows you to pause your studies for up to six months while still receiving your maintenance allowance.
  • Hardship funding is provided to scholars who encounter unforeseen challenges.


Gate Cambridge Scholarships 2024
Gate Cambridge Scholarships 2024