About Us

About Us


“Scholarships Board” is a professional platform developed to promote excellence, by providing a collection of updated information on fully-funded educational scholarships, study abroad opportunities, as well as information on research grants, training workshops, internships, and fellowships.

The primary GOAL of this platform is to assist Nigerians, Africans, and citizens of other commonwealth counties find genuine information regarding fully-funded educational scholarships, fellowships, overseas study grants and sponsorship, including research grants to universities (world-wide). On this platform, we promise to provide you with highly reliable contents from trusted domains only. We also believe these contents will be of great benefits to you, your friends, or family members.

We agree with the old saying that “education is the bedrock of every nation”. However, the high cost of education have prevented millions of people (perhaps, like you) who understands the importance of formal education, but lacks the capacity to proceed further. Therefore, this platform is dedicated to providing you the best of educational fully-funded opportunities in one place.

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