Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)/ Turkiye Scholarships 2024 | Fully Funded

Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)/ Turkiye Scholarships 2024 | Fully Funded
Are you a young Muslim student with big dreams but limited resources? Say goodbye to financial barriers and hello to endless opportunities with the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)/Turkiye Scholarships 2024! This fully funded program is your ticket to academic excellence and personal growth. Don't miss out on this chance to turn your aspirations into reality. Dive into our comprehensive guide to unlock the secrets of successful scholarship application!


Welcome to the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)/ Turkiye Scholarships for the year 2024! Are you an academically meritorious young Muslim student seeking a life-changing opportunity to pursue your dreams of higher education? The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) Scholarship, in collaboration with Turkiye Scholarships, offers fully funded educational opportunities for international students.


This comprehensive scholarship program aims to support academically outstanding and financially challenged young Muslim students worldwide, facilitating their pursuit of undergraduate, postgraduate, and training opportunities. As we delve into the details, you’ll discover the diverse range of study levels and scholarship benefits available, along with the essential eligibility criteria and application process. This article provides detailed information about this prestigious scholarship program.

Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)/ Turkiye Scholarships 2024 Summary Details and Timelines

Scholarship ProgramEligibility CriteriaBenefitsApplication Deadline
IsDB-Turkiye ScholarshipsAge under 24, completed senior secondary education, language proficiency, admission to relevant disciplineFull tuition fee coverage, monthly stipend, travel tickets, medical insurance, various allowancesNot Specified
Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)/Turkiye Scholarships 2024 Summary Table

Host: Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) in collaboration with Turkiye.
Eligible Countries: Students from all IsDB Member Countries and Muslim Communities globally.
Benefits/Rewards: Full tuition fee coverage | Monthly stipend | Roundtrip airline tickets | Medical insurance | Settlement allowance | Specialized allowances for postgraduate and doctoral students
Deadline: Not specified.
Study Abroad: Study in America | Study in Europe | Study in Asia | Study in Africa | Study in Canada | Study in UK | Study in USA | Study in Australia
Category: Undergraduate Scholarships | Postgraduate Scholarships | Masters Scholarships | Ph.D. Scholarships | Training | Fellowships
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About the Islamic Development Bank – IsDB Turkiye Scholarships

The IsDB Scholarship initiative underscores the critical importance of nurturing qualified human resources for sustainable development, aligning with the IsDB’s commitment to human capital development alongside its core financing activities. This collaborative effort between the IsDB and Turkiye provides a platform for international students from IsDB Member Countries and Muslim Communities globally to pursue their educational aspirations.

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Successful applicants can benefit from a wide range of scholarship programs:

  • IsDB Scholarship Program for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries (SPMC): Designed to support undergraduate studies in various fields such as medicine, engineering, computer sciences, and agriculture for young Muslim students from non-Member Countries. Click here for more details
  • IsDB Merit Scholarship Program for High Technology (MSP): Dedicated to advanced studies and research in applied sciences and high technology areas essential for the development of Member Countries. Click here for more details
  • IsDB Master of Science Scholarship Program (M.Sc.): Aimed at assisting IsDB Least Developed Member Countries (LDMCs) in developing their human capital, particularly in science and technology. Click here for more details
  • IsDB-ISFD Scholarship Program: Launched to reduce poverty in 21 Least Developed IsDB Member Countries (LDMCs) by providing educational opportunities in various fields. Click here for more details

Study Levels

The scholarship programs cater to various study levels, including undergraduate, postgraduate, and specialized training. Whether you’re embarking on a Bachelor’s degree journey or delving into advanced research, there’s a scholarship opportunity tailored to your academic pursuits.

Scholarship Benefits or Reward

The IsDB/Turkiye Scholarships offer a comprehensive package of benefits, ensuring that recipients can focus wholeheartedly on their studies without financial constraints. From full tuition fee coverage to monthly stipends and essential allowances, the program strives to alleviate the financial burdens associated with higher education.

Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)/ Turkiye Scholarships Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the IsDB/Turkiye Scholarships, applicants must meet specific criteria, including age limitations, educational background, language proficiency, and more. These criteria ensure that the scholarships are awarded to deserving candidates who demonstrate academic excellence and financial need.

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Eligible Countries from which students can apply

Students from IsDB Member Countries and Muslim Communities worldwide are eligible to apply for the IsDB/Turkiye Scholarships. The program aims to provide equal opportunities to talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering international collaboration and cultural exchange.

How to Apply

Applying for the IsDB/Turkiye Scholarships is a straightforward process. Interested candidates can submit their applications through the official Türkiye Scholarships website, with support available in multiple languages for convenience.

Application Deadline

While specific deadlines for the 2024 IsDB/Turkiye Scholarships are not yet specified, prospective applicants are encouraged to stay updated through the official channels for timely submission of their applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How do I apply for the IsDB/Turkiye Scholarships? To apply, visit the official Türkiye Scholarships website and submit your application online. Be sure to carefully review the eligibility criteria and required documents before proceeding.

2. Am I eligible for the scholarship if I’m over 24 years old? Unfortunately, the scholarship program has an age limit of 24 years for applicants. However, there may be other scholarship opportunities available for older students.

3. Can I apply if English is not my first language? Yes, you can apply for the scholarship even if English is not your first language. However, you must provide evidence of language proficiency in the university medium of instruction, supported by relevant documents or certificates.

4. When is the application deadline for the IsDB/Turkiye Scholarships? While specific deadlines for the 2024 scholarships are not yet specified, it’s essential to stay updated through official channels to ensure timely submission of your application.

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Strategies for Application Success / Actionable Advice

  1. Start early: Begin researching scholarship opportunities and preparing your application well in advance to meet deadlines.
  2. Showcase your achievements: Highlight your academic excellence, extracurricular activities, and community involvement to stand out as a strong candidate.
  3. Seek guidance: Reach out to mentors, teachers, or educational counselors for advice and support throughout the application process.
  4. Tailor your application: Customize your application materials, including essays and recommendation letters, to align with the scholarship’s criteria and values.


The IsDB/Turkiye Scholarships offer a unique opportunity for academically talented young Muslim students to pursue their educational aspirations without financial constraints. With comprehensive benefits and diverse study programs, this fully funded scholarship paves the way for future leaders and innovators. Don’t miss out on this chance to transform your dreams into reality. Apply now and embark on a journey towards academic excellence and personal growth.

Benefits of Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)/Turkiye Scholarships:

  • Full tuition fee coverage.
  • Monthly stipend tailored to the country of study.
  • Round-trip airline tickets.
  • Comprehensive medical insurance.
  • Settlement allowance for students studying abroad.
  • Specialized allowances for postgraduate and doctoral students, including thesis preparation and conference participation.

How to Apply for 2024 Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)/Turkiye Scholarships: To apply, interested and qualified applicants should use the following link: APPLY NOW

Deadline for Islamic Development Bank (IsDB)/Turkiye Scholarships: Not Specified

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