When We Are In High School And Preparing For College A Big Question A Lot Of Us Face Is Whether We Should Pursue Our Undergrad In India And Then Go For A Master’s Abroad Or Should We Directly Plan For An Undergrad Abroad Now The Main Problem Is That Going For An Undergrad In India And Abroad Requires Completely Different Preparation Strategies So It’s Important That We Make This Decision As Soon As Possible


Today I’m Going To Share With You The Different Criterias You Should Consider When Planning Between An Undergrad Or A Masters Abroad So Without Further Delay Let’s Get Started

Quality of Education

First Is The Quality Of Education Now The Quality Of Education Abroad Is Definitely Better Than India The Curriculum Is In Line With The Latest Technological Developments You Study From Professors Who Are Well Renowned In Their Fields And You Get To Perform Cutting-edge Research With Top-notch Facilities In Fact Some Us Universities Give You The Freedom To Design Your Own Curriculum Right From First Year Itself Well These Things Are Clearly Lacking In The Indian Education System Not Necessarily The Iits But Definitely Other Colleges So It Depends Upon You What Do You Want For Your Career Do You Want These Kind Of Facilities This Kind Of Education Right From Undergrad Or Just Getting This Experience In Your Two Years Of Masters Is Also Enough So That’s The Choice You Need To Make

Education Cost

The Next Is The Cost Of Education Now Obviously The Kind Of Education Quality That We Just Discussed Comes At A Cost If You Are Planning To Do Your Undergrad Abroad Then Be Ready To Shell Out Somewhere Around One Crore Rupees For Four Years Of Education On The Other Hand If You Consider India Then The Cost Is Relatively Low If You Are Planning To Do Your Undergrad From Government Colleges In India Then The Cost Is Going To Be

Somewhere Around Two To Three Lakh Rupees And If You’re Planning To Do It From Private Colleges Then It’s Going To Be Somewhere Around 15 To 20 Lakh Rupees But Despite That The Difference Between Indian And Abroad Education Is Very High Now On The Other Hand If You Plan To Do Your Masters Abroad Then The Cost Is Going To Be Somewhere Around 30 To 35 Lakh Rupees So When It Comes To Cost It’s Definitely Cheaper And More Economical For You To Do A Master’s Abroad Rather Than An Undergrad Abroad

Competition for Admission

Now Another Thing To Consider Is The Competition For Admissions In Jee Nearly 12 Black Students Appear Every Year For Approximately 10 000 Seats In The Iits This Competition This Percentage Is Even More Stringent Even More Stiffer Than Ivy League Universities In The Us So This Is Another Reason Why A Lot Of Indian Students Definitely Those Who Can Afford It Choose To Escape The Indian Education System And Go For Their Higher Education In Other American Universities Or In Some Global Destinations So If You Feel You Can’t Go Through The Jee Exam But You Still Want Good Quality Education For Yourself Then You Can Definitely Go For An Undergrad Abroad Otherwise Another Choice That You Have Is Go Through The Jee Then You Study In Whichever College That You Are Able To Land Up In And Then You Work Really Hard There And Then Plan For Your Masters Abroad

Placements & Job Assurances

Now Coming To The Next Thing That All Of Us Want To Know About And That Is Job Assurance After You Complete Your Education In India As I’m Sure You Must Know We Have Placement Cells Where The College Calls The Companies To Campus And Makes Sure That You Get Placed I Think This Is One Of The Biggest Advantages That Indian Colleges Have To Offer Even As A Person If You Are Lazy And You’re Not That Motivated The College Puts In A Lot Of Effort To Get You A Job On The Other Hand If You Are Abroad You Constantly Need To Be On Your Toes To First Look For Internships Part-time Jobs

Full-time Jobs

Upskill Yourself And Then Go Looking For Full-time Jobs And This Entire Process Can Be Very Tiring And Requires A Lot Of Dedication At The End Of The Day If You’re Not Able To Get A Job The University Doesn’t Care And You Will Be Sent Back Home On The Other Hand If You Go For A Master’s Abroad By That Time You Have Some Form Of Work Experience You Are More Mature And Therefore You Can Handle The Stress Of Looking For A Job So This Is Another Thing You Need To Consider When Choosing Between An Undergrad Or A Master’s Abroad

Future Prospects

Now Let’s Talk About Future Prospects If You Are Doing Your Undergrad Abroad Then You Are Starting Your Career In One Of The Most Renowned Universities Of The World And So Later On If You Want To Do Your Masters You Can Actually Aim For Some Of The Top Universities Like Mit Stanford Harvard Etc On The Other Hand If You Do Your Undergrad In India Then Aiming For These Universities Like Mit Stanford Etc Is Going To Be A Very Long Shot And What You Will Be Able To Get Is Some Of The Mid-tier Universities Like Ntu Nus Georgia Tech Colombia Usc Etc Which You Would Have Gotten Into As An Undergrad Abroad So Now The Choice Is Yours That Based On Your Career Aspirations Your Finances You Need To Make A Decision Between Going For An Undergrad Or A Master’s Abroad


Finally Let’s Talk About The Kind Of Life That You Have When You Are Pursuing Your Undergrad Or Masters Abroad When You Pursue Your Undergrad Abroad At That Time You Are Only 18 Or 19 Years Of Age And It’s The First Time That You Are Stepping Out Of Your Home And You’re Going To Stay Away From Your Family And So If You Have To Stay In A New Country With New People New Culture And In A Place Where You Don’t Know Anyone The Entire Process Can Be Very Overwhelming And On Top Of That You Can’t Even Come Back Home As Often As You Could If You Were Studying In India And A Lot Of The Times What Happens Is That Students Take Very Long To Adjust And In The Process They Actually Get Drawn Away From Their Family Because If You’re Spending Four Formative Years Of Your Life Abroad You Are Forced To Adopt The New Culture The New Lifestyle If You Want To Stay Happy And Even Before You Realize It When You Complete Your Education You Have Already Changed So Much You That You Can’t Fit Back To The Old Culture That You Were Coming From

Very Difficult

So It’s Very Difficult For People To Move Back To India Once They Have Completed Their Undergrad Abroad On The Other Hand If You Do Your Masters Abroad It Doesn’t Have The Same Impact Because Number One It’s A Much Shorter Duration Secondly Your Formative Years Have Been Spent In India So That Major Change That Drastic Change Can’t Happen And Thirdly By The Time You Go For Your Masters You’re Slightly Older You’re More Mature And So You Can Handle Staying Away From Your Family So That Way A Master’s Abroad Is More Manageable As Compared To An Undergrad So Guys That’s All I Wanted To Share With You Today.

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