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So The Results Are In And Based On In-depth Research We Have The Top 10 Ranked Colleges In America For 2021. How Many Of These Are Going To Be Ivy League How Many Of These Colleges Are Going To Be Ones That You Want To Study At We’ve Got All The Details And Information To See Which Are The Best And Why

Factors & topics for rankings

There Is 15 Specific Factors Used In Deciding These Rankings These Things Were But Based On Student Diversity Salaries Courses Overall Experience And Happiness Value Those Kind Of Things And For Each Of These 10 Options We’re Going To Break Down The Factors For You Like Location Student Body Top Courses Tuition Fees

Fun Facts

Some Fun Facts To Help You Get A Really Good Understanding Of These Top 10 Options To See Which Is The Right Fit For You And Your Dreams And Goals To Study Abroad Alright Friends At

10th ranked college in USA

Number 10 To Start Off We Have Northwestern University Which Is In Evanston Illinois Along Lake Michigan And Just 12 Miles From Downtown Chicago Chicago Has So Many Amazing Universities We’ve Even Filmed Some Other Videos About That You Guys Should Check Them Out But As A Fall 2019 This University Is Around 22 000 Enrolled Students About 8 000 Undergraduates And 13 000 Graduate Students So The Average Tuition Before Financial Aid Is Around 79 000 Per Year And This Includes Tuition Room And Board

The Mascot At Northwestern Are The Wildcats They’re Purple And White And They’ve Got Willie The Wildcat One Famous Program At Northwestern Is The Kellogg School Of Management They’ve Got A Really Good Business School There At Northwestern And Northwestern Schools Of Management Engineering Communication Among The Most Academically Productive In The Nation Northwestern Also Received About 650 Million Dollars In Research Funding In 2016.

9th ranked college in USA

Number Nine Is Cornell University Ever Heard Of It Thank You Andy Bernard Cornell Is In Upstate Ithaca New York City There’s A Total Of About 24 000 Students There In The Ivy League And Average Tuition Is About 75 000 Per Year For Tuition Room And Board Cornell’s Graduate School Includes The Highly Ranked Sc Johnson Graduate School Of Management College Of Engineering Law School And The Wheel Cornell Medical College Cornell Is Also Well Known For Its Top Ranked College Of Veterinary Medicine And Highly Esteemed School Of Hotel Administration Some Of The More Popular Majors Are Engineering Business And Management Biological And Biomedical Sciences Computer And Information Sciences Along With Agriculture Cornell’s Mascot Is The Big Red Bear And Their Unofficial Mascot Is The Touchdown And Their Colors Are The Carnelian Red And White

Fun Facts

Fun Facts About Cornell Cornell Was Founded In 1865 By Ezra Cornell And Andrew Dixon White Perhaps The Most Famous Fictitious Alumni Of Cornell Is Andy Bernard From The Class Of 1993 From The Office In 2014 He Was Invited To Speak At Their Senior Convocation A Fun Tradition Is That Each Year In Late March First Year Students Of Cornell Of Architecture Art And Planning Create And Pray An Enormous Dragon Across Campus Accompanied By These Aap Students In Costume They Get Heckled By Their Rivals From The College Of Engineering As The Dragon Lumbers Under The Art Quad To Be Consumed By A Symbolic Bonfire This Tradition Goes Back To The 1950s And Dragon’s Day’s Roots Are Actually Traced Back To The Antics And The Architecture Of The Class Of 1901

8th ranked college in USA

Number Eight In The Rankings Is Another Ivy League College Princeton University From Princeton New Jersey And The Student Body Size Is Much Smaller Only About 5000 Undergraduate Students Average Tuition Is About 70 Thousand Dollars Including Tuition Fees Room And Board The Most Popular Majors At Princeton Include Social Sciences Engineering Biological And Biomedical Sciences Computer Information Science Public Administration And Social Service Professionals Their Highest Paying Degree Is A Bachelor Of Science And For Master’s The Best Pain Degree Is A Master’s In Science With Alumni Earning A Salary Of 277 Thousand Dollars Per Year And Graduates From Princeton University Who Earn The Lowest Salaries Are Those With Master’s Degrees Earning A Salary Of Only 88 000 Per Year Annually Princeton’s Mascot Is A Tiger And Their Colors Are Black And Orange

Fun Facts

A Few Fun Facts About Princeton Jeff Bezos Founder Of Amazon’s Of Princeton Alumni And On Campus Nassau Hall Home Of The Office Of The President And Other Senior Administrators Served As The Nation’s Capital For Four Months And Eight Days In 1783 When It Played Host To The Meetings Of The Continental Congress Also Princeton University’s Chapel Is The Third Largest University Chapel In The Whole World

7th ranked college in USA

Number Seven In The Rankings Is The California Institute Of Technology Also Known As Caltech This Is Located In Pasadena California It’s A Very Small Student Body Only 901 Undergraduates And 1300 Graduate Students Of These Students Who Are Studying Their 99 Percent Of Them Placed In The Top 10 Of Their High School Graduating Class These Caltech Kids Are Smart Average Tuition At Caltech Is 77 000 Per Year For Tuition Room And Board For Courses Computer Science Is The Most Popular Major At Caltech And Caltech Is A World-renowned Science And Engineering Institute That Marshals Some Of The World’s Brightest Minds And Most Innovative Tools To Address Fundamental Scientific Questions And Pressuring Societal Challenges Their Mascot Is The Beavers With The Colors Of White And Orange

Fun Facts

Some Fun Facts For You Guys About Caltech Caltech Seismo Lab Is The Preeminent Source For Earthquake Information Around The World And Albert Einstein Was Actually A Visiting Professor At Caltech For Three Winters In 1931 1932 And 1933 My Friends

6th ranked college in USA

Number Six On This Amazing List Is Duke University Located In Durham North Carolina Duke Has About 6 500 Undergraduate Students And 9 000 Graduate Students Total About 15 And A Half Thousand Students The Tuition At Duke University Is Almost 79 000 For Tuition Fees Room And Board The Top Majors Of Current Students There At Duke University Include Computer Science Economics Public Policy Biology And Psychology And The Top Countries Of Students Studying

There Other Than American Are China India Korea The United Kingdom And Canada Duke’s Famous Mascot Is The Blue Devils With Blue And White And Maybe The One Reasons You’ve Heard About The Duke Blue Devils Is Their Famous College Basketball Team And Coach K Coach Mike Czechowski Dukeman’s Basketball Coach Is The Winningest Coach With 976 Career Wins

5th ranked college in USA

Number Five Is Brown University Located In Providence Rhode Island It Has About 7 000 Undergraduate Students 2 600 Graduate Students 585 Medical Students And About 6 000 Summer Visiting And Online Students There At Brown University Average Tuition For Brown Is Eighty Thousand Dollars For Tuition Fees Room And Board A Number Of Brown’s Graduate Programs Rank In The Top 25 In Their Respective Fields Including Applied Mathematics At Number Four English At Number 13 Sociology Number 14 Mathematics Number 14 Earth Science Number 15 History Number 16 Public Health Number 17 Economics Number 19 And Computer Science At Number 25.

Brown’s Master’s In Fine Art Program And Acting Offered In Partnership With Trinity Repertory Company Earned A Number Four Rank In Hollywood Reporters Annual Top Graduate Mfa Acting Programs So If You’re An Actor That Might Be For You Brown’s Mascot Is Bruno The Bear And They Have The Colors Of Brown Red And White

Fun Facts

Some Fun Facts About Brown University The Iconic Van Winkle Gates Only Open Twice A Year Inward For Convocation When First Students Are Welcomed On The Brown University To Join The Community And Outward For Commencement Where Graduating Bear Seniors Pass Through And According To Superstition Any Brown Student Who Goes Through The Gates More Than These Two Times Will Be Cursed With Bad Luck Also Brown Has The Oldest Undergraduate Engineering Program Out Of All The Ivy League Schools In America

4th ranked college in USA

Number Four Takes Us To The West Coast Again With Stanford University In Palo Alto California With A Student Body Size Of About 16 000 And Annual Tuition About 74 75 000 Per Year Stanford Ties With Penn’s Wharton Business School For Having The Top Business School In The Country And Some Of The Other Really Top Majors At Stanford Include Engineering Computer Sciences Social Sciences Mathematics And Statistics Technically There’s No Official Mascot For Stanford University But They’re Represented With The Symbol Of The Tree Which Is A Member Of The Stanford Band And Represents El Palo Alto Or The Redwood Tree Which Is The Logo Of City Of Palo Alto Where In California There’s The Famous Tall Redwood Trees And The School Colors Are Black White And Cardinal Red

Fun Facts

A Few Fun Facts For You About Stanford University We’ve Learned That The Unofficial Mascot Of Stanford Is The Stanford Tree And There’s A Fairly Selective Process To Choose The Student Who Gets To Play The Tree Since Their Responsibility Is In Very High Demand The Tree Costume Is Created New Every Year Even Though They Have Similar Characteristics Each Year Stanford Also Boasts Many Successful Sports Teams And Stanford Students Have Won Medals In Every Olympic Games Since 1908 Winning 244 Olympic Medals Total 129 Of Them Gold Wow In The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games Stanford Won More Olympic Medals Than Any Other University In The United States Go Trees

3rd ranked college in USA

Number Three Takes Us Back To The Northeast Yale University In New Haven Connecticut Yale Has About 6 000 Undergraduate Students 7 500 Graduate Professional Students And 21 International Students From Over 120 Different Countries Average Tuition At Yale Is About 75 000 Per Year For Tuition Room And Board Yale Is Very Famous For Its Architecture Program And The Most Popular Majors At Yale University Include Social Sciences Biological And Biomedical Studies History Engineering Mathematics And Statistics The Mascot Of Yale Is Handsome Day In The Bulldog And Their Colors Are Yale Blue

Fun Facts

Some Fun Facts About Yale Is That Yale Is The Third Oldest Institution Of Higher Education In The United States And One Of The Nine Colonial Colleges Chartered Before The American Revolution Being The Third Oldest University In The Country Means You Can Probably Claim A Bunch Of Oldest Superlatives Yale Is Home Of The Oldest Collegiate Daily Newspaper Still In Existence Printed Five Days A Week Since January 28th 1878 Wow He Also Claims The Oldest And Most Well-known Acapella Group The Whiffenpoofs Have Been Singing On Monday Nights Since 1909. Cheers To That We’re Down To The Final Two Who’s Going To Be First And Runner-up

2nd ranked college in USA

Number Two Is Mit The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology They’re In Cambridge Massachusetts The Class Of 2023 Only Had About 1 400 Admits Very Small Student Size An Average Cost Of Tuition There At Mit Is About 73 000 Per Year We’re Definitely Seeing A Trend Here Most Of These Colleges Having Annual Tuitions In The 70 Thousands The Most Popular Majors At The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Include Computer Science Mechanical Engineering Mathematics Physics Electrical And Electronics Engineering

The Average Starting Salary Of An Mit Senior Entering The Industry In 2019 Was 98 741 Dollars That’s Pretty Good Almost Six Figures Right Out Of College The Mascot There Mit Is Tim The Beaver The Beaver Was Chosen The Mascot Of Mit Because Of Its Remarkable Engineering And Mechanical Skills And Its Habits Of Industry Very Fitting The Proposal That The Beaver Be Adapted As The Mascot Of The Institute Was Made At The Annual Dinner Of The Technology Club Of New York On January 17 1914 And The Colors Of Mit Are Black Cardinal Red And Steel Gray

Fun Facts

A Few Fun Facts About Mit While Tony Stark Ikea Iron Man Is Said To Have Graduated From Mit Summa Laude Mit Does Not Have Any Class Rankings For Its Students Also Mit Invented The First Computer In Cambridge In 1928. You Can View Whirlwind One At The Mit Museum Last But Not Least The

1st ranked college in USA

Number One Ranking You Guys Have Been Waiting For Is Harvard Congrats Harvard For Being Number One In America Harvard Is Also Down The Road From Iit In Cambridge Massachusetts Just Outside Of Boston Harvard Has Almost About 7 000 Undergraduate Students 13 000 Graduate Professional Students And 16 000 In Its Extension School Total There’s About 36 000 Total Students There At Harvard Average Tuition At Harvard Is About 72 000 Per Year For Tuition Room And Board Obviously Any Degree At Harvard’s Going To Be Amazing Pick

One And Graduate And You’re Going To Be Good So The Top Three Earning Degrees At Harvard For After Graduation Are Computer Science And Engineering For Undergraduate And In Master’s It’s The Masters In Business Administration Or Mba Coming In Third These Top Three All Have Starting Salaries Over Sixty Thousand Dollars Per Year Harvard’s Mascot Is John Harvard The Pilgrim And Their School Colors Are Crimson To Wrap Up With

Fun Facts

A Few Fun Facts About Harvard Harvard Is The Oldest Institution Of Higher Education In The United States Established In 1636 By Vote Of The Great And General Court Of The Massachusetts Bay Colony The Motto Of Harvard Is Veritas Which In Latin Means Truth The Harvard Library The Largest Academic Library In The World Includes 20.4 Million Volumes 180 000 Serial Titles And An Estimated 400 Million Manuscript Items Wow Access To This Rich Collection Is Provided By Nearly 800 Library Staff Members Who Operate More Than 70 Separate Library Units


So There You Have It Friends The Top 10 Universities In America For 2021 Again Going From 10 To 1 We Have Northwestern University Cornell University Princeton University California Institute Of Technology Or Caltech Duke University Brown University Stanford University Yale University The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Mit And Last But Not Least Harvard University So Of These 10 Which Is Your Favorite Which One Are You Most Excited About Which One Do You Guys Want To Study At Let Us Know In The Comments So When You Guys Are Filling Out Your Applications To These Top 10 Universities In America.

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