How to make Video Resumes (with sample) | Script, shoot, edit, upload!

Video Resume Is The New Hiring Requirement Being Used By A Lot Of Companies Nowadays One Popular Example Being That Of Zomato In India If You’re Going For A Client-facing Role Or Any Other Role For That Matter Where Your Personality And The Way You Speaks Plays An Important Part Then You Will Have To Submit A Video Resume So What Exactly Is A Video Resume And How Do We Go About Making One Well Let’s Find Out


We Are Going To Talk All About Video Resumes We Are First Going To Understand What Exactly A Video Resume Is After That I’ll Share With You The Equipment That You Need To Prepare One How To Write Your Resume Script How Are You Going To Shoot Your Video And Finally How To Edit It And Upload It To The Website So Let’s Get Started

What is a Video Resume?

Coming First To What Exactly A Video Resume Is Well To Explain It To You In Very Simple Words A Video Resume Is Like A Cover Letter Narrated Over A Video Generally What Do We Do Whenever We Have To Submit A Resume Or A Cv We Attach A Cover Letter Along With It Now In That Cover Letter We Talk About Why We Are The Best Fit For That Position And Why They Should Hire Us That’s Exactly What We’re Doing In A Video Resume The Only Difference Is That Here They Are Also Able To Gauge Our Personality The Way We Speak And Our Body Language Something That Was Not Possible To Evaluate Through A Cover Letter But If You Are Thinking That Video Resumes Are Here To Replace The Resume Or A Cv Well That’s Not True Generally You Submit A Video Resume Along With Your Resume Or Cv As An Added Information For The Recruiter

Equipment required

Now Let’s Talk About The Equipment That You Need For A Video Resume Well The First Thing That You Need Is A Good Quality Camera Now Here Obviously I Wouldn’t Ask You To Purchase A Professional Camera But The Best Phone Camera Accessible To You You Should Use That Now Generally What People Are Able To Do Is That They’re Able To Place The Camera Somewhere And Shoot The Video But In Case You’re Not Able To Do That Then You Can Invest In A Cheap Tripod Other Than That Some People Also Prefer Using Their Laptop Webcam To Shoot The Video Again You Can Also Do That Just Make Sure That The Camera Quality Is Decent Apart From That I Would Ask You To Purchase Something Called As A Lapel Mic So Something That You Can See Here Basically This Mic It Gets Attached To Your Shirt And The Voice Quality Drastically Improves When You Use A Mic

How to write video script

The Next Part Which Is How To Write The Script For Your Video Resume Well For That You Should Know What’s The Length Of Your Video Resume First So The Length Is Somewhere Between 1 To 1.5 Minutes Generally Which Means When You’re Writing The Video Script It Should Be Somewhere Between 150 To 180 Words That Is It So Now What You Should Do Is You Should Divide Your Script Into Three Parts The First Part Would Be The Introduction Then The Body And Finally The Conclusion In The Introduction Part Of Your Video Resume You Should First Start Off With A Greeting A Simple Greeting Like Hi Or Hello Would Also Do Otherwise You Can Also Make It More Company Specific And Say Hi Team Zomato Well To Be Honest The More Company Specific Your Video Resume Is The Better It Is Then In One To Two Lines Explain Who You Are And Why Are You So Interested In The Position Or What Is Something About You That Makes You Unique As Compared To Other Candidates For Example

“You Can Say Hi Team Zumato I Am Rohan Mehra I Am Currently Working As A Growth Manager For Urban Company I’ve Seen The Way Zomato Has Managed To Acquire And Engage Millions Of Customers Over The Past Few Years And I Would Love To Explore Further Growth Levels For The Company”

So This Is How Your Introduction Can Be Next Coming To The Body Of Your Video Resume Now Here You Need To Talk About Your Skills Qualifications And Experiences That Make You A Great Fit For That Position Not Two Things I Would Like You To Remember Here First One

Two Things

Try And Share Some Statistics Here Because That Makes It Very Attractive For Your Audience And Secondly Make This Part As Targeted To The Role In The Company That You’re Applying To As Possible If You’re Thinking That You’re Going To Use One Video Resume For All The Jobs That You’re Applying To Well I Will Not Let You Do That Because A Video Resume Needs To Be As Tailored To The Company As Possible In Fact Mention The Company Name Few Times In The Video They Will Really Appreciate The Fact That You’ve Made This Video Just For Them

Conclusion of Video

Finally As Part Of The Conclusion Give Them A Clear Call To Action For Example I Strongly Believe That My Skills And Experience Make Me A Great Fit For The Position I’d Love To Share Further Details With You Over A Call Or A Video Interview Thank You So Much For Your Time And I Look Forward To Interacting With You Soon Now Coming To The Next Part Which Is How To Shoot Your Video Resume

How to shoot video resume

So First Let’s Talk About The Aesthetics Around You Now The First Is That You Should Have A Plain Background Like A Plain Wall Or A Wallpaper Probably Make Sure That The Room Is Well Lit That Is Either It Has A Lot Of Overhead Lights Or It Receives A Lot Of Sunlight During The Day Then You Can Shoot It During That Time And Thirdly There Should Not Be Any Background Noise So Make Sure It’s A Quiet Room Which Doesn’t Have Any Sound And Finally When It Comes To Your Attire You Should Be Formally Dressed Same Manner As To How You Would Go For A Formal Interview Now To Shoot The Video I Would Suggest That You Sit And Shoot You Can Either Sit On A Bed Which Has Like A Plain Wall

Tips for Video

You Can Sit On A Chair Or You Can Even Have Like A Desk In Front Of You When Setting Your Camera Make Sure That Your Camera Focuses From All The Way From Your Head Till A Part Of Your Torso Like Something Similar To What You Can See In The Video Right Now Make Sure Your Camera Is Not Too Zoomed On To Your Face Or It Doesn’t Take A Lot Of Your Body Because If A Large Part Of Your Body Is Seen Then You Will Need More Control Over Your Body Language Now When Shooting Just Check To Ensure That You Don’t Have Any Shadow Falling On Your Face Make Eye Contact With The Camera And Start Speaking If You Want You Can Also Memorize The Script And Deliver It A Lot Of People Say That You Know You Should Not Memorize The Script But I Will Tell You That It Is

Okay It’s Anyways 150 180 Words If You Repeat It Four Five Times You Will End Up Memorizing It But The Idea Here Is To Deliver It In A More Casual Way As If You’re Speaking To Somebody It Should Not Look Like As If You’re Narrating A Poem It Will Take Some Time Because If You’re Shooting A Video For A First Time It Will Take Some Time Do Some Repeated Takes See The Kind Of Mistake That You’re Making Work On Your Mistakes And Then Shoot Again And After That Once You’re Fully Satisfied You Will Have A Video Ready

How to edit video resume

Now Coming To The Editing Part Again I Would Say You Don’t Have To Worry So Much About It You Don’t Have To Get Your Video Edited From A Professional You Can Actually Do It On Your Own Just Download A Simple Video Editing App It Could Be Imovies Or Kidney Master First What You Can Do Is Give It A Title Screen And An End Screen For The Title Screen You Can Just Write Rohan Mehra Video Resume So Basically Your Name And The Title Video Resume For The End Screen You Can Either Simply Black It Out Slowly Or Just Have Thank You Written On It That Is It Now For The Delivery Part Just Make Sure It Looks Clean It Should Not Look Like You Know Different Parts Have Been Joined Together It Should Not Look Like That Other Than That If You Have Photographs Of Certain Skills Or Experiences That You’re Talking About In The Video You Can Add Those Photographs To The Video

Now A Lot Of People Do Many Creative Things With Their Video Resumes In Fact If You Go Online You Will Find A List Of Things That You Can Do And You’re Free To Do That If You Are That Creative But The Idea Here Is To Not Get Overwhelmed By The Possibilities Even If You Can’t Do That Sort Of Editing It Is Okay Very High Level Editing And Creativity Might Be Required When You’re Going For Like A Filmmaking Role Or A Video Editing Role Where That Creativity Is Important But If You’re Going For A Non-creative Role Then All That They Care About Is The Way You Speak And What Is Your Personality Like And Not So Much Focus On The Editing Part So Once You’ve Done The Basic Editing Your Video Will Be Ready Export It In A High Quality Version And Check The Kind Of Format That They Need And After That You Can Upload It On The Portal.

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