Sharing the best scholarships to study in the US for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. All these scholarships are applicable for Indian candidates.


Hi Everyone Hope You’re All Doing Well Today I Spoke About Four To Five Different Scholarships That I Know People Have Received To Study In The Us Germany Singapore And Other European Nations I’m Going To Talk About Various Other Scholarship Schemes That You Can Explore Specifically To Study In The Us So Without Further Delay Let’s Get Started Most Of Us Wish To Pursue Our Undergrad Or Masters In The Us Because Of The Immense Opportunities That Are Available There But The Only Thing That Makes Us Doubt Our Dreams Or Hesitate In Taking This Decision Is The Crazy Amount Of Fees If You’re Planning To Do Your Undergrad In The Us Then You Can Expect To Spend Somewhere Between 1 To 1.2 Crores While If You’re Planning To Do Your Masters In The Us Then The Range Would Be Somewhere Between 30 To 40 Lakhs


If I’m Being Very Honest With You Right In The Beginning Of This Article It Is Difficult To Get A Scholarship To Study In The Us But If Your Profile Is Excellent If You Have Good Academic Scores Then You Can Definitely Get That Scholarship So What I Personally Feel Is That It’s Important To Try Right So That’s Why I’m Going To Share All The Different Scholarship Options That Are Available Because If You Do Get Them Then You Can Actually Save A Lot Of Money On Your Education

Scholarship Programs

1:- The Fulbright Nehru Fellowship Program

So Let’s Get Started First Is The Fulbright Nehru Fellowship Program This Scholarship Scheme Is Available For Students Planning To Go For A Master’s Or A Doctoral Program In The Us The Scheme Covers Tuition Fees Health Insurance And Living Expenses As Well To Be Eligible For This Scholarship You Need To Be An Indian Resident With Excellent Academic Records And Strong English Proficiency Now One Catch With The Scholarship Is That It Is Not Available For Science Or Engineering Programs It’s More Applicable For Arts And Social Sciences Fields Like Arts And Culture Management Economics Environmental Studies Journalism And Mass Communication Etc To Apply For The Scholarship Or Know More Details You Can Go To The Us Ief Website

2:- The Double A Uw Scholarship Program

The Next One Is The Double A Uw Scholarship Program Now This Scheme Is Applicable To Women Candidates Who Wish To Research And Study In The Us It’s Open To All Undergrad And Postgrad Programs Of Any Field So I Think That’s A Major Plus Of The Scholarship Scheme So Indian Women Candidates Who Have Excellent Academic Records Good English Proficiency And Are Less Than 30 Years Of Age Can Apply For The Scholarship To Know More Details Scholarship Requirements You Can Visit Their Website Which Is Double A Uw Dot Org

3:- The You Are Welcome Here Scholarship

Another Very Interesting Scholarship Scheme Is The You Are Welcome Here Scholarship This Is A Social Media And Scholarship Campaign Started Very Recently To Promote The Fact That U.s Institutions Are Diverse Friendly Safe And Committed To Student Development Under The Scholarship Scheme You Receive A 50 Tuition Fee Waiver Now This Particular Scheme Is Applicable For Undergrads Only So Basically Students Who Wish To Pursue Their Undergrad In The Us Can Apply For The Scholarship


Now The Only Drawback I Feel Of This Scholarship Is That Because It’s Recently Launched It Doesn’t Have A Lot Of Institutes On Board There Are Only 50 To 60 Institutions Which Are Also Not Among The Top Universities So If You Still Want To Know More Details Or See The List Of Institutions You Can Go To Their Website

4:- Stanford Reliance Dhirubai Fellowship

The Next One Is The Stanford Reliance Dhirubai Fellowship This Fellowship Program Was Started By The Urubai Industries To Help Indian Students Aspiring To Pursue Their Mba From Stanford With The Condition That They Should Come Back To India To Stay And Work Under This Scholarship Scheme 80 Percent Of The Tuition Fees Is Weaved Off So Students Who Are Eligible To Study In Stanford University For Their Mba Program Lack Financial Support But Have Excellent Academic Records Can Apply For The Scheme To Know More Details You Can Check Out Their Website

5:- Two Other

  1. Apart From These There Are Two Other Scholarship Schemes Which You Can Explore First One Is The Hubert Humphrey Scholarship It Is For 10 Month Non-graduate Degree Programs In The Us
  2. And Second One Is The Iefa Scholarship Now This Is For Summer Programs In The Us For High School Students

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