Best Universities of Singapore | Top Universities of SG revealed!!


Today We Are Going To Talk About Some Of The Top Universities Of Singapore Which You Can Apply To If You Are Planning Your Higher Education Abroad A Lot Of People Have Confusion As To Which Are The Universities Other Than N2 And Nus Which Are Good In Singapore What Are The Different Programs That Are Available Can You Pursue Your Diploma Courses In Singapore So All These Doubts I’ll Be Clearing In This Article So Without Further Delay Let’s Get Started


First Let’s See Which Are The Different Universities Which Are Present In Singapore There Are Many Lists Which Are Available Online That You Can Go Through To Find Out About This But In General Some Of The Most Famous Universities Are

The Most Famous Universities

  1. Universities of Singapore
  2. National University Of Singapore Or Nus
  3. Nanyang Technological University Or Ntu
  4. Singapore Management University Or Smu
  5. Singapore University Of Technology And Design Sutd
  6. Insead Singapore
  7. James Cook University Singapore Institute Of Technology Or Sit
  8. Singapore Institute Of Management Sim University
  9. Management Development Institute Of Singapore Or Mdis
  10. Spjn School Of Global Management
  11. London School Of Business And Finance Lsbf Singapore Etc

Study Programs

For Engineering And Science Programs

For Engineering And Science Programs These Are The Three Universities I Would Recommend Which Are Nus Ntu And Sudd

In Case You Don’t Get An Admission From Any Of These Universities Then My Personal Recommendation Would Be To Not Consider Other Universities In Singapore See There’s No Point For You To Travel All The Way To Singapore Spend A Lot Of Money On These Programs And Then Graduate From A University Which Is Not Even As Recognized All Over The World So First What You Should Do Is Try To Get An Admit From Nus Or Ntu In Case You Don’t Get An Admit From These Universities Then You Can Try Sqtd As Well


Singapore University Of Technology And Design Has A Lot Of Funding And Good Research Facilities Recently I’ve Seen That A Lot Of Indians Are Pursuing The Phd Programs From Sudd As Well But Obviously You Can Consider Other Options Around The World As Sutd Is Not One Of The Highly Ranked Universities

Ntu And Nus

Both Ntu And Nus Are Brilliant Universities And They Are Ranked Among The Top 15 In The World Both Ntu And Nus Are At Par In Terms Of Teaching Quality Research Facilities Career Opportunities Etc

Which Is Better Nus Or Ntu

But A Lot Of Students Have This Question That Which Is Better Nus Or Ntu Well I’ve Made A Detailed Video About This Which You Can Check Out Later But To Tell You In Gist As Nus Or National University Of Singapore Is A Much Older University It’s More Recognized And More Reputed Around The World


Also It’s Slightly More Difficult To Get Into Nus Rather Than Intune Because More People Apply To Nus And More People Prefer Nus So If You Do Get An Admit From Both I Mean Broadly Speaking I Would Say Go For Nus Rather Than Into You But You Should Definitely Speak To More People Both Studying At Ntu And Nus And You Know Look At The Subject-wise Rankings As Well Before Making This Decision

Management Programs

Now For Management Programs These Are The Four Universities Which You Can Consider Which Are

  • INSEAD Singapore
  • NUS
  • NTU
  • SMU

Ranking Wise

Ranking Wise Insead Singapore Is Ranked In Number Seven In The World For Its Mba Program So If You Get A Chance To Do Like A Dual Country Program Where You Get To Spend Like One Year In Insead Paris And Another Year In Insead Singapore I Would Say Well Nothing Gets Better Than That

Nus Business School And Nanyang Business School Of Ntu

Otherwise Both Nus Business School And Nanyang Business School Of Ntu Are Highly Ranked And Equally Reputed Throughout The World Also The Mba Fees In Singapore Is Slightly Lesser As Compared To The U.s Universities Making Them A Very Good Option For You To Consider

Singapore Management University Or Smu

If Not These Three Then The Last Option In Singapore Would Be Singapore Management University Or Smu It’s Not One Of The Highly Ranked Universities But Extremely Popular Among Indians Not Only For Its Mba Program But For Other Masters Programs As Well

Wouldn’t Personally Recommend

Other Than These Four Universities I Wouldn’t Personally Recommend Any Other B School In Singapore Because They Are Not Very Reputed Or Very Well Recognized And Especially If You’re Going For Like An Mba Program Where You’re Shelling Out So Much Money Well I Feel That You Should Take Your Degree From A University Which Makes All Of That Worth It

Science Engineering And Management Programs

Now I’ve Covered Science Engineering And Management Programs All These Programs Have A Duration Of Somewhere Between One Year To Four Years After Which You Get A Degree Which Is Recognized All Over The World

Courses Or Diploma

Now There Are Many Universities Which Offer Short-term Six-month Courses Or Diploma Courses As Well And When I Speak To People A Lot Of Them Show Their Interest In These Programs And They Ask Me Can I Go For These Programs Will I Get A Job After These Programs Because They Feel Like It’s A Gateway Into Singapore You Get Some Form Of Singapore Education And After That Getting A Job Should Be Easier

My Personal Opinion

Well In My Personal Opinion Again I’m Stressing On The Fact That My Personal Opinion I Do Not Recommend These Courses Because If You Don’t Have Any Prior Work Experience Or If You Don’t Have Any Good Exposure From Beforehand And If You’re Just Going For These Six Month Programs There A Very Short Duration Right So You Don’t Learn Much From This Secondly Because It’s Just Like A Six Month Program You Have Very Less Time To Look For A Job In Singapore And Thirdly You Don’t Even Get Like A Proper Degree Out Of This It’s More Like A Certification Cost


So That’s Why I Would Not Recommend Spending A Lot Of Money And Going For These Programs Might As Well Choose A One-year Program And Get A Proper Degree Out Of It But Some People Have Like A Different Situation Say For Example Your Spouse Either Your Husband Or Wife Is Working In Singapore And You Are Already On Dependent Pass Then It’s Fine Then You Go For This Diploma Course Certification Course Just To Get Some Singapore Education And You Know Then You Can Look For A Job In Singapore Easily But Other Than That I Wouldn’t Personally Recommend Them

A Lot Of People Go To Consultancies To Get Some Guidance About Singapore Education And In Return These Consultancies They Sell Them All These Kind Of Courses From Not So Good Universities And Then They Give Them That Confidence That You Know If You Go To Singapore Do These Courses You Will Be Able To Find A Job There Guys Please Do Not Trust Them Blindly A Lot Of Times They Sell You These Courses Just So That They Can Make Money So Do Your Own Research Speak To People Understand What’s The Job Scenario Like And Then Make Your Decision So Guys That’s All I Wanted To Share With You Today.

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