When Planning To Pursue Our Higher Education Abroad We All Want To Get A Scholarship Something That Can Reduce The Enormous Fees That We Have To Pay However The Lack Of Information Around Scholarships And The Application Requirements Leave Us Very Confused


Today We Are Going To Talk About What Are The Different Scholarship Options For You For Post Grad Degrees What I’ve Thought Is That I’ll Break This Article Into Two Parts In The First Part I Will Talk About The Different Scholarship Options That I Know People Have Received So My Friends And Colleagues Have Actually Received These Scholarships And Then They’ve Gone To Study Abroad So That You Can Be Confident That They Are Achievable In The Second Part Of The Article I Will Talk About Other Scholarship Options Which You Can Explore So Without Further Delay Let’s Get Started

European Universities

First Let’s Talk About Europe As Compared To All Other Countries European Universities Are Known To Provide A Lot Of Scholarships Especially Because They Want To Promote Students Pursuing Postgrad Degrees So First I’ll Share With You About Eit Digital Masters School
It Offers A Two-year Program For You To Complete Your Education In Two Different Universities Located In Two European Countries Moreover It Also Gives You The Freedom To Tailor Make Your Own Curriculum Based On Your Own Unique Skills And Interests

The Benefits

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of The Program Well Under The Eit Digital Master School Most Of Your Tuition Fees Is Taken Care Of Now Some Of The Programs Included Under The Scholarship Are Embedded Systems Cyber Security Autonomous Systems Data Science Etc You Can Actually Check Out More Information Directly From The Website

How Do You Apply

So How Do You Apply To This Program Well All The Requirements Are Pretty Basic That You Anyways Need For Applying To Any Master’s Program Abroad So First You Need To Submit Your

  1. Undergrad Transcript
  2. CV
  4. Letter OF Motivation

Basically Why Are You Interested To Pursue This Program And Receive This Scholarship The Application For The Program Opens In Three Periods First In November Then In February And The Final One In April

The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship Program

The Second Is The Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Scholarship Program Again In Europe Here You Get To Complete Your Masters In Two Higher Educational Institutes Located In Two Different Countries The Duration Of The Program Here Could Either Be One Year Or Two Years To Be Eligible To Apply You Must Have Either Completed Your Undergrad Or You Should Be In Your Final Year Now

The Benefits

The Benefits Of The Program Are Fantastic Where It Covers Your Tuition Cost Gives You A Monthly Stipend To Cover Your Living Expenses And On Top Of That You Get Travel Allowance In The Year 2022 Nearly 2500 Students Received This Scholarship
Now The Application Procedure For This Scholarship Is Also Very Similar To Eit Digital Master School Where You Need To Submit Your

How Do You Apply

  1. Undergrad Transcript
  2. CV
  3. IELTS/TOEFL/Dualingo Test
  4. Letters Of Recommendation

Then Other Application Requirements Are Two Letters Of Recommendation Now This Is Something I Had Not Seen For Eid Digital Master School And Along With That A Motivation Letter As To Why You Want To Pursue The Program

Singapore Schemes

Coming Next To My Favorite Country Singapore Singapore Doesn’t Offer A Lot Of Scholarship Schemes Though I Pursued My Masters From Ntu Singapore Under The Service Obligation Scheme This Is Basically A Bond Which You Sign With The Ministry Of Education In Singapore Where They Reduce Your Tuition Fees By 50 Provided You Work In Singapore For Three Years After You Graduate

The Best Part

The Best Part About The Scheme Is That It Is Open To All Once You Get Admission In Any Of The Singaporean Universities You Can Then Decide Whether You Want To Go For The Scheme Or Not You Don’t Need To Have Stellar Grades To Be Eligible On The Other Hand The Only Catch Here Is That This Particular Scheme Is Applicable For Research Programs Only Basically If You’re Going For A Masters With Research Or If You’re Going For A Master’s Of Engineering Which Is Again A Research Based Program In Singapore Only Then Can You Avail This Service Obligation Scheme This Scheme Is Not Available For Coursework Based Programs Anymore Earlier It Was But Recently The Government Has Scrapped This

2nd Scholarship Scheme

Another Scholarship Scheme I Would Like To Talk About Is For Mba Programs In The Us One Of My Friends Managed To Secure A 100 Tuition Scholarship To Pursue His Mba From University Of Wisconsin-madison Generally Pursuing Mba Abroad Is Very Expensive And Even If Universities Offer Scholarships They Are Very Difficult To Secure But My Friend Did Manage To Get It So What He Suggests Is That If You Apply To The Top 10 Or 15 B Schools In The Us Then Securing A Scholarship There Might Be Very Difficult But If You Aim At The Mid-tier Universities In The U.s Then Scholarships Are Slightly More Achievable So I Did Go To The University Of Wisconsin-madison Website To Check Out The Different Scholarship Schemes Which Are Available And I Found That Most Of Them Are Merit Based For Example Business Alumni Fellowship Women In Business Award Of Excellence Scholarship Etc.So You Can Actually Choose Universities Where Good Scholarship Options Are Available And Apply To Those

How You Can Obtain Scholarships

Finally Coming To The Last Known Way To Me Of How You Can Obtain Scholarships And Study Abroad And That Is Through Phd Programs Phd Programs Are A Great Way For You To Get Quality Education Abroad Without Spending A Single Time Most Of These Programs They Come With A Complete Tuition Fee Waiver For Four To Five Years And On Top Of That You Also Get Two Thousand Dollars Per Month Stipend Which Is Enough To Cover Your Living Expenses So If You Feel That You Might Not Be Able To Secure A Scholarship Due To Competition Or You Are Interested To Study In Countries Studying Universities Where Good Scholarship Schemes Are Not Available Then I Think Phd Is The Best Way For You To Do That


So Guys That’s All I Wanted To Share With You Today Till Now I Have Heard Successful Stories Of Only These Scholarship Programs But I’m Sure That My Knowledge Is Limited And There Going To Be So Many Other Scholarship Programs Like These So What I’m Going To Do Is I’m Going To Keep My Hunt On And Look For More People Who Can Tell Me Such Stories About Which Scholarship Programs Are Good And You Can Apply To I Wish You Have A Fantastic Career Ahead.

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