Hey Guys This Is Going To Be The Most Important Video On This Channel Because This Video Will Help You Decide Which Country Is Best To Study In Whether It Is UK US Canada Or Australia Or What Are The Scopes After Graduating Part-time Salaries Full-time Salaries General Application Process Easier To Find Jobs And Everything So Let’s Get Started But Before Starting I Want To Let You Guys Know That This Data Has Been Connected From One Of The Top Universities In The World That Include Georgia Tech Georgia State University Purdue In U.s. Edinburgh And UK RMIT In Australia And UBC Vancouver And UPC Kelowna In Canada


Now Starting With A Part-time Salary Then Australia Is The Winner With Starting Salary Of Around $19 And You Can Even Earn Up To $3,000 As Student That’s Best In Any Country And Other Countries Are Almost Basic It Could Be Like 8 To 15 Dollars In U.s. I Personally Was Able To Make Even 20 But That Was Exception Because I Got Part-time Internship But The General Is Going To Be 8 To 15 Dollars As A Student Part-time Jobs And UK It’s A Little Bit Low It’s Like 8 To 10 But Most Of The Students I Have Seen They Usually Work On This Changes And

In Canada

Now Moving On In Canada It’s Going To Be Around 11 To 16 Dollars An Hour So The First Place Is Going To Be Australia Second Is Going To Be Canada Third Is Going To Be US And Fourth Is Going To Be UK Now Moving On With Mix That Is Full-time Salaries

Full-time Salaries

So Full-time Salaries Ranges Vary From The Level Of Experience You Have So Let’s Say That Us After Your Graduation You Will Get Three Years Of Work Permit If You’re A Stem Major Like Related To Science And MBAs Considered Non Stem Which Is Related To Business So That’s Why Students Prefer To Come Only For Stem Majors That’s Why I’ve Crossed That Non-stem Majors Do Not Prefer To Come To Us Because There Are Less Chances Of Getting H-1b Visa With Non Stem As Well So You Will Get Three Years Work Permit With Stem And You Can Maybe Earn Around $60,000 To Around Ninety Thousand Dollars Or Even 100 Thousand Dollars Or Even $120,000 So This Scale Varies Depending On What What Field Issues

Computer Science Ranges

Now Talking About Computer Science Ranges For All Of These Streams I Have Seen That The Starting Or Average Salary Is Eighty Six Thousand Dollars In US And UK It’s Fifty Thousand Dollars Actually Fifty Thousand Euros To 75 Thousand Euros In UK Then Around Sixty To Eighty Thousand Dollars In Australia And Once Again Sixty To Ninety Thousand Dollars In Canada So That’s The Ranges I Have Been Provided By The Respective Students



Now Moving On With Scope Of Citizenship So After You Complete Your Degree You Will First Of All Get Only Three Years In The US I Want To Repeat And Scope Of Citizenship Is Probably Less Because As An Indian It Takes Around Ten Years In The Best-case Scenario To Around Twenty Years In The Worst-case Scenario Or It Could Be Even More Than Twenty Years Maybe Even Some Theories Some Sometimes Have Predicted It Could Be Like Hundred Fifty Years As Well But Depending On What Kind Of Job You Work On It Could Be Like Ten To Twenty Years In The Average Case Scenario And


Moving On With UK The Requirement Is That As Long As You Find A Job That Pays You Minimum Twenty Thousand Eight Hundred Pounds Then You Can Work For That Company But You Must Not Be Self-employed For Example You Cannot Become Uber Driver In This Case And You Cannot Become Over Driver In US As Well But Here You Can Work Anywhere You Want To So


Now Moving On With Australia So You Will Be Allowed To Work As An International Student From 18 Months To Four Years And After This Point You Can Definitely Apply For PR Citizenship And Depending On Your Points Yes They Have Point Based Systems Just Like In Canada So If You Are Like If You Are Eighteen To Twenty Five Years Old Then There Might Be More Points If You Are Unmarried Then Maybe They Might Be More Points Or If You Have Completed High Level Degree Then They Might Be Poor Points So Depending On Those Criteria You Might Be Able To Become Citizen Of Australia In Maybe Five Years To Around Seven Years That’s Like The Average Range For Top Degrees Like Computer Science Accounting These Are Like Kind Of Top Degrees That I’ve Heard From Students


Now Moving On With Canada Is Pretty Fast So Because Once You Complete Your Degree You Can Actually Work You Both Not To Work For One Year In Canada After Your Degree You Can Apply For PR And Get PR Actually So This Is The Fastest Way To Get PR If You Choose Canada So You Can Complete Your Degree Let’s Say You Complete Undergrad Degree In Four Years You Work For One Year And Then You Can Get PR And Then Your Circle Almost Settled Here And Then Citizenship In Two Or Three More Years So This Is The Fastest Slowest Is Going To Be US And In UK The Average Time To Become UK Citizen Is Six And A Half Years To Eight Years From Oh So Students That Have Been Provided This Data And It Could Be Even More But Average Or If You If You Have Good Salary If You Are Talented High Skilled Then It Should Be Six To Nine Years In UK

Tuition Fee

So Now Tuition Fee This Is Actually Very Difficult To Provide You This Data Because I Have Seen Students Paying Less In Some Country In Some Scenario And Paying More In Other Country In Some Scenario But I Would Like To Say That It’s Pretty Much The Same Depending On How Much Scholarship You Can So It Could Be Like Maybe Ten Lakhs In U.s. Or Maybe 20 Lakhs In Canada Or It Could Be Vice Versa So The Range I’m Gonna Provide You That If You Don’t Get The Need-blind Scholarship Or If You Do Not Get The Hundred-percent Scholarship It Should Be Around 10 Lakh Rupees To Around 25 Local Rupees Per Annum That’s The Average Case Scenario For Undergrad Degree In All Of These Countries So The Fourier Will Be Like 40 Lakh Rupees To 1 Crore Even To Croydon Some Of The California Universities In U.s. So This Should Be The Idea

Application Process

Now One Of The Most Important Step Is Application Process So The Easiest Application Processes For All Of These Universities Accept Us Because For Most Of The Universities You Are Required To Take GRE For Grad School SAT Or ACT For Undergrad Universities And IELTS TOEFL Is Required For Pretty Much All Of Them So Four Of These Require Either IELTS Or TOEFL Depending On The University I Saw Some Australian University That Said We Do Not Accept IELTS Or TOEFL Or We Only Accept TOEFL So You Have To Check For All These Countries And All Of These Universities So

The Benefit

One Thing I Would Also Like To Mention Is The Benefit Of Not Taking SAT And A CT Is You Can Focus On Your Boards And Get Scholarship Even With Your Overall Profile Like How Much Volunteer Work You Did How Many Awards You Got And The Most Most Changing Factor In Getting Into These Universities Is Work Experience

Work Experience

For Example That In Your School You Tutor That Will Be That Will Be Very Useful To Gain Work Experience And That Will Make Your Profile Outshine And You Will Definitely Be Able To Get Into That University And On The Gap On The Other And On The Top Of That You Might Get Some Good Scholarship So That’s Why You Must Try Your Best To Gain Work Experience Whether It Is Grad School Or Undergrad School

Job Opportunities

So Now The Most Important Question That Every Punjabi Student Every Indian Student And Every International Student Wants To Know Is Keep To See Truck Driver Once Awakening And The Answer Is Yes You Can Become Truck Driver Or Uber Driver But In Only These Two Countries Australia and Canada A Because Other These Two Countries USA and UK Only Allow You To Work On Those Jobs That Do Not Make You Self-sufficient For Example That Bad Job Has To Be Related To Your Major In The US But This Could Be Any Job In The UK You Can Work Off Campus Jobs In UK As Well But It Should Not Make You Self-sufficient It Could Not Be Uber Driver It Could Not Be You Tube It Could Not Be Check So That That That Is Very Important Thing To Consider For Both Of These Countries


But You Can Do Startups In Australia And Canada You Can Become Truck Driver You Can Become Uber Driver You Can Also Do Other Jobs Like Working At Warehouse Gas Station And It’s Pretty Flexible And You Can Work Only Up To 20 Hours As A Student But I Know Holidays You Can Work Even Up To 40 Hours For All Of These Countries So The Hours Are Pretty Much Same But Where You Can Work That Depends On Country To Country

Driver in UK

One More Thing I Would Like To Clarify Regarding UK Case You Can Become Uber Driver As Long As You Not Self Employed For Example If You’re Working For Some Company As An Uber Driver Or Taxi Driver Or Truck Driver So That’s Possible Mutti But That Is Difficult Because You Will Have To Someone Else But You Can Be Self-employed In These Two Countries

Maximum Job Opportunities

Now The Big Conclusion I Would Like To Make Is That If I Am In Your Choose Then I Would Like To Choose A University Which Has Maximum Job Opportunities And Which Has The Minimum Tuition Fee So If I Were You I Will Explore All Of These Universities And I Will Check Which University Gave The Maximum Number Of Scholarships With Your Board Exam Scores With Your Eyes Overall Profile SAT ICT And Do All My Research And Then Find The Perfect University Because I Think That Tuition Fee Is The Major Cost And Cost Of Living In All Of These Universities And All Of These Countries Is Pretty Much The Same It’s Like Five Hundred Dollars Or Even Three Hundred Dollars To Around $1,000 Per Mo

Saving Money

But Algorithms Are No Creo Que If More Students Will Live Together In One Apartment And You Will Save More For Example I Am In I’m Living In Living Room Some Students Even Live Like Four People In 2-bedroom Apartment Though So They Save A Lot Of Money As Well So Depending On Your Scenarios Depending On Which City You Live In It Could Be Like $400 To Around One Thousand Dollars Per Month For One Student Including Of Your Living A Housing Utilities All Of These Costs And

Prefer To Study In UK

One Stark Reality That I Would Like To Share Is Students Know More Prefer To Study In UK And The Number One Reason Is They Require Really Good English Proficiency Level And Many Students Reported To Me That It Was Kind Of Difficult It Took Almost On An Average Case Scenario Six Months To Find A Good Job And Another Reason Is That You Save Less Money After You Graduate Let’s Say That You Get A Salary Of 50,000 To 70,000 Pounds In UK And Actually That Doesn’t Pay That Much Off Their Loans Because They Are Already Paying 20,000 To 30,000 Pounds On A Yearly Basis In UK And That Is Not Sufficient To Pay Their Loans Because UK Is A Very Very Expensive Country So That’s Why Australia Canada And Us Are The Most Preferred And Also You Must Is Still The Number One Choice Of The Students Because You Save The Maximum Amount Of Money In IT Field After Graduating

Pay Back Your Loans

Because The Money You Save In Your Pocket To Pay Back Your Loans Is Highest In U.s. But Once Again It Depends How Much Hard Work You Do And You Can Get Those Benefits In Other Countries As Well But What I’m Telling You Is What Studies Have Provided And What Studies Have Proved In Benefiting International Students

The Conclusion

So That Was The Conclusion But Remember That No Matter Which Country You Choose In You Can Get The Best Salary You Can Get The Best Job Opportunities If You Are High Scale If You Work Hard If You Aim For The Stars Then You Will Definitely Reach The Sky So That’s Pretty Much It Thank You

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