8 Things Successful People Do Differently Best Examples Easy Steps


We Have Always Been Fascinated By People Who Are Consistently Successful At What They Do Be It Steve Jobs Indranui Oprah Winfrey Or Ms Dhoni Similarly We All Have Our Own Examples Of Successful People Whom We Admire We’ve Read Their Books Watch Their Movies Researched Them Online And Even Followed Them On Social Media And What We’ve Learned That Most Of These People Were Not Born Into Success But They Still Continue To Do So So How Did They Become Successful Well Let’s Find Out Today I’m Going To Share With You 8 Things That Successful People Do Differently Which All Of Us Can Incorporate In Our Lives So Let’s Begin

They create and pursue S.M.A.R.T goals

The First One Is They Create And Pursue Smart Goals Successful People Are Very Objective In Life They Have Realistic Targets In Mind Which They Achieve By Pursuing Smart Goals Smart Here Means Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant And Timely Say For Example You Want To Study In One Of The Best Universities In The World If You Create A Goal Of Say Studying At Georgia Tech Or Purdue You Might Feel Very Overwhelmed And Might Not Be Able To Work Towards It But Instead What You Can Do Is Set Up A Smart Goal Of Getting 320 Plus

Technical Internships

In Your Gre Doing Two Technical Internships Maintaining At Least 8.5 Gpa In Your Undergrad These Kind Of Goals Are Specific Measurable Attainable With Hard Work Relevant And If You Do Them In The Given Time Frame Then They Can Make Any Goal Possible So If You Set Smart Goals For Yourself Which Are Important To You You Feel Motivated And Develop The Necessary Skills Ability And Attitude To Achieve Them

They take decisive and immediate action

The Second Is They Take Decisive And Immediate Action Sadly Very Few People Live To Become The Success Story They Dream About And There Is One Simple Reason Why They Never Take Any Action Just Acquiring Knowledge Doesn’t Mean You’re Growing Growing Happens When You Put That Knowledge Into Action Let Me Take A Very Simple Example A Lot Of You Want To Improve Your Communication Skills And To Do That You Watch Hundreds Of Videos On Youtube

Communication Skills

But Even After That You Realize That Your Communication Skills Hasn’t Really Improved And Why Is That Again The Same Reason You Haven’t Taken Any Action By Watching All The Youtube Videos You Have The Knowledge That It Requires To Improve Your Communication Skills But Until And Unless You Put Yourself Out There Initiate Conversations With People Work On Your English And Practice Public Speaking Skills You Will Never Be Able To Improve So There’s A Huge Difference Between Knowing How To Do Something And Then Actually Doing It And That Is What Makes Successful People Different

They focus on being productive, not being busy

The Third Is They Focus On Being Productive And Not Being Busy We Have Busy People All Around Us Running Late For Commitments No Time For Family No Time For Personal Health And You Would Expect Them To Be Busy With Their Work But They Have Hundreds Of Emails Shooting Out Of Their Inboxes And A Calendar Overflowing With Tasks Then Where Is All This Time Going It’s A Result Of Not Being Productive Most Of Us We Spend Way Too Much Time On Social Media Or Distracting Ourselves With Other Things And When It Comes To Submitting Our Assignments Or Helping Out A Friend We Don’t Have The Time So What Is The Solution The Solution Is To Slow Down Breathe Work For Two Hours Straight And Then Try And Take Short Breaks In Between Focus On Being Productive And Completing The Tasks On Time Remember The World Values The Results And Not The Amount Of Time You’ve Taken To Complete Them

They work outside their comfort zones

The Fourth Is They Work Outside Their Comfort Zones The Number One Reason Holding Smart People Back Is Their Belief That They Are Not Ready In Other Words They Feel Uncomfortable Because It Requires Additional Skills Knowledge And It Pushes Them Outside Of Their Comfort Zones If I Share My Personal Example With You When A Friend Of Mine Asked Me To Start A Youtube Channel I Said What Nonsense I’m Never Going To Put Myself Out There In Public And Shoot Videos Later When I Thought About It I Realized


That The Only Reason I Was Unwilling To Do It Was Because I Was Uncomfortable I Was Scared To Explore Something I Did Not Know Enough About But In The End I Decided To Take Up That Opportunity And Today I Feel So Much More Confident In Front Of A Camera And I Speak Much More Fluently Than I Did Earlier So Guys Any Opportunity Will Always Force Us To Grow Emotionally And Intellectually But In The End It Makes Us A Better Person So Take That Plunge Grab That Opportunity Even If It Means Going Out Of Your Comfort Zones Because Sometime Later You’re Going To Feel Very Proud Of Yourself For What You Did

They focus on making small continuous improvements

The Fifth Is They Focus On Making Small Continuous Improvements Henry Ford One Of The Biggest Industrialists And Founder Of The Ford Motor Company Once Said Nothing Is Particularly Hard If You Break It Into Small Jobs And This Philosophy Holds True For Achieving Some Of Your Biggest Goals In Life By Making Small Positive Changes Like Eating A Little Bit More Healthy Or Exercising A Little Bit Longer Or Adopting Small Productive Changes Can Help You Achieve The Level Of Success That You Aspire To Say For Example You Want To Achieve 99 Percentile In Your Cat Now That Can Sound Very Intimidating Instead Break That Goal Into Smaller Tasks

Understanding Each Topic

The First Could Be Understanding Each Topic Properly Then You Can Slowly Work Towards Finishing Your Syllabus Once Your Syllabus Is Complete You Go And Give Your Mock Tests And With Every Test You Analyze Your Performance And Work Towards Improving Yourself Take One Task At A Time It Will Be Difficult In The Beginning But It Will Slowly Get Easier With Time And That’s The Whole Point As Your Strength Grows You Get Ready For Taking Bigger Challenges In Life

They measure and track their progress

The Sixth Is They Measure And Track Their Progress Successful People Whether In A Job Or A Business Track Their Progress Regularly And That Helps Them In Achieving Their Goals Basically You Can’t Control Things Which You Can’t Properly Measure So Find Out What Your Number One Goal Is And Then Track Your Progress To Achieve That Goal Say For Example You Want To Work In One Of The Largest Tech Joints Like Amazon And To Crack Those Interviews You Need To Solve 100 Lead Code Questions In One Month So What Are You Going To Do Assign Yourself 25 Questions Every Week And Then At The End Of Each Week Track Your Progress Not Only Does It Give You A Smart Goal But Tracking And Updating Your Progress Regularly Helps You Achieving Your Goals More Easily

They spend time with the right people

The Seventh Is They Spend Time With The Right People You Are A Sum Total Of All The People You Spend Your Most Time With If You Hang Out With The Wrong People They Will Negatively Affect You But If You Spend Your Time With The Right People You’ll Become Far More Capable And Successful Than You Could Have Ever Been Alone And This Is What A Peer Group Does For You If Your Peer Group Is Motivated And Willing To Do Well In Their Careers You Will See It Rubbing Off On You So Find Your Tribe And Work Together To Make A Difference In All Your Lives

They maintain balance in life

The Last Is The Maintainer Balance In Life Few Years Down The Line If You Ask Your Peers What They Want Most In Life Some Would Say Things Like Find A Life Partner Make A Lot Of Money Spend Time With Family Find Happiness Achieve My Next Career Goal And The List Goes On And On And This Is What Most People Do In A Chase To Get One Or Two Of Those Goals They Actually Miss Out On The Rest So The Important Thing Is To Maintain A Balance In Life Spend Time With Your Family Achieve Your Next Career Goal Go Out With Your Friends Do Things Which Make You Happy And By Maintaining A Balance In Life You Will Enjoy The True Meaning Of Being Successful.

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